Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue are desperately in need of expansion to cope with the constant deluge of cases arriving every day. At the current time we have to turn away 20 – 40 cats every week.   We need to raise critical funding to enable this to go ahead and the cats desperately need your help to make a difference by helping us achieve our fundraising goal to start building works, by raising £750K to establish a purpose built cat rescue centre.

Thank you so so much to everyone who has expressed support of this project. It is a much needed resource in the area and without it, animal welfare, particular for cats is going to revert back a few decades in level of care, disease and sheer volume of stray cats, which already has current facilities at bursting point all year round.

We are asking for your help by donating just 50p a week or £2 a month to help us establish a regular income for our Feline Fund for a New Rescue Centre. If you can spare more then we would be very very grateful for your help. Please ask friends and family to help us too if you can by donating just £2 per month. The more people who donate regularly the more chance we have of reaching the support needed to move this project forward and save more lives.

Please please please help us by fundraising, donating, anything at all you can to help. On behalf of all the Harbour cats, current, past and future, thank you, thank you, thank you.

All the latest news, updates and progress reports will be published on this blog in the coming months.

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