First public talks about our Feline Fund Appeal

4 Sep

The weekend of the 1st and 2nd September 2012 saw Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue take to their stand at the Love Pets Show 2012 to talk to the public about our work in cat rescue and how they and you, can help us in achieving our goals of the Feline Fund.

Our project to create a purpose built facility to secure the future for cat rescue in East Central Scotland was well received by the public.  As expected the majority of people we spoke to were not aware of the severity of the current problem and how things will decline in coming years.  Many were shocked by the statistics we provided;

  • Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue alone have to turn away 15 – 40 cats every WEEK due to no spaces for them to come into.
  • Only 20% of the cats we DO take in are Vaccinated.  Disease in cats is on the rise and is going to continue to do so with such low levels of take up in vaccines.
  • Roughly 70% of the cats that we take in at Sunny Harbour as a result of stray, unwanted or abandonment issues are UNDER 18mths of age.
  • Only 40% of cats admitted to Sunny Harbour are neutered.  Every day there are literally thousands of kittens for sale on the internet, which will become the cats in need of rescue, of tomorrow.

We were very pleased at the reception our project received at the event but the public reaction to the facts also highlight just how unaware the public truly are of the scale of the problem we face and just how much worse things are going to get.

Certainly, for the sake of the cats, Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue as an organisation and if nothing else, the sanity of Paul and Sarah our Co Founders, we MUST succeed.

Paul chatting to the public about our cat rescue work.

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